WTF am I doing?!

Ok. Bear with me for a sec. Need to collect my thoughts.

First and foremost, I have no clue what I’m doing. I’m diving into something I’ve never tried in my life, and I’m not at all sure where this whole venture will take me. But I got to start somewhere, so here we go.

Who am I

I’m not too big of a loser, but I certainly am not as well-positioned in life as I could have been or as well off as I once was. I guess you can call me a loser. I used to run a nationally syndicated radio show, run a wildly popular podcast, I was a part of a relatively successful software company, but I guess I blew it somewhere along the way. I’m in a pretty shitty limbo right now. I have a rather dull job, pay is shit, and I couldn’t get any better offers in over a year while interviewing actively multiple times a week and sending out hundreds of resumes and cover letters. So at this point in time, I’m desperate and kinda hopeless, I don’t think I’m getting a new job anytime soon. So I came up with this idea…

Why am doing this

It’s not my first business idea and not my first attempt at starting something. I’ve tried selling stuff on Amazon, launching a relatively useful online startup, tried to launch a food cart catering service, and even drove Uber a couple of times. Nothing really worked out well, for various reasons, and I have absolutely no confidence that this venture will fly. But what the hell, I need to keep trying, and this idea is probably the most down-to-earth one I’ve had so far. It feels like it just might work.

What is this?

So, what is the idea, exactly? Well. As reluctant as I am to share it with anyone, here goes: zero-emission lawn care. It has everything in it:

  • clear value proposition (environmentally responsible, clean and quiet)
  • huge market, albeit quite competitive
  • doesn’t require a ton of investment
  • pretty basic skills needed
  • awesome growth potential
  • possible to make it work without leaving the day job right away
  • a bit of physical work wouldn’t hurt since I’m trying to lose weight

The plan is to give it a shot with everything I’ve got.

What’s next

I’ve been doing some planning for some time now, and I’ve got everything planned out. My first step is launching a landing page and advertising the service locally to see if there’s demand. If there’s none, end of story. If I can see some interest from the community, I’d go ahead and pull the trigger on some major equipment purchases and other launch stuff. Stay tuned!